A future computer mod. Converting a JVC Videosphere into PCsphere.

A bit of my knowledge I would like to share about these devices. Firstly if anyone is looking to buy one in Australia they can be bought a lot cheaper from the US.
Note you will be paying more for actual postage rather then the device, but it will still work out to at least half the cost. You will however need to buy a 110/240V converter (approximately $15-20) and you will have to retune the sound for Australia (see below).


JVC Service Manual - MODEL 3240 - bought from eBay

Modifying the American JVC Videosphere model 3240 to work on PAL 1 UK or PAL G Australia

Main schematic high resolution

Signal and timebase board schematic (thanks Bob)

Some misc information - response curves and schematic

more to come...


For any comments/questions/anything at all
Contact me.

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