Unused CSS – find unused CSS

I am no html expert, and my artistic design talent is non-existent, so when I needed to create a login form, contact and RSVP form (will post further details later) I turned to hacking an open and freely available existing website, WordPress to be exact.

If you try logging into the admin page, you will be presented with a beautiful login box, view any of the admin pages and there are countless beautiful forms.

I copied the html (direct save as), and the CSS. Cut down and modified it to my needs.

Now the problem, the CSS files are huge and contain a lot of irrelevant code. What to do. I search the web and found Unused CSS.

Now, I was a bit hesitant at first, would it work and would my forms look exactly the same. Their money back guarantee convinced me, willing to use it if anything went wrong (can’t seem to find this guarantee any more though).

It worked surprisingly well. Here are the stats for the login page;

Unused CSS result

The only thing I would have liked is if the membership was lifetime and not yearly.