thydzik Google Map version

Latest offering has cleaned up JavaScript, improved error handling, improved RoboGEO handling of XML, but main features are.

  • Icons now support letters ‘A’ to ‘Z’.
  • Non clickable markers if no ‘html’ element is present.

In the below example Marker Z is not clickable.


Download the latest from the WordPress repository.

  • Jim

    I am having a few CSS problems with your plugin but using the older version from the WordPress plugin directory. Just wanted to try the latest version to see if it fixes the issue. Where can I get hold of it?
    thanks, Jim

  • thydzik


    I have added the link to the WordPress repository, unfortunately I don’t think any CSS issues would have been fixed in the lastest version as it was only JavaScript changes.

    Are you able to provide a link that shows the CSS proplems?