Cleaning the Videosphere

I should mention prices, and note it will all be in Australian dollars.

I picked up the Videosphere about 3 years ago of eBay for about $200.

I will also mention, I am going to try and include everything, even the mundane stuff. So with that said.
Here are some pictures of me washing it. Basically I removed everything that could be removed and scrubbed it with a bit of detergent and brush. The condition is actually quite good, few scratches but nothing major.

Videosphere being soaked
Videosphere nice a clean

This is the colour LCD TV I purchased ofabout a year ago for $150. I spent a while looking for one that could fit the nicest in the existing hole. The actual tube is specified as 9″.

8.4 inch LCD colour TV box
8.4 inch LCD colour TV

I also picked up a few sheets of various grade wet and dry for $1.30 each.

Wet and Dry (sand) paper