thydzikGoogleMap v1.4

thydzikGoogleMap version 1.4 has been released with two major improvements.

  1. Manual zoom parameter added. Google uses an integer value from 0 to 17 (where 0 is the furthest away), to determine the map’s zoom level, this value can now be incorporated into thydzikGoogleMap as follows: thydzikGoogleMap(example.xml, 4). The zoom is an optional parameter and if left out the automatic zoom calculation will be used as before. The width and height of the map can still be added if desired as thydzikGoogleMap(example.xml, 4, 480, 640) or thydzikGoogleMap(example.xml, 480, 640, 4).
  2. The thydzikGoogleMap code is disabled if the site is viewed from a proxy, i.e. Google cache. Before a user viewing the blog would receive ‘The Google Maps API key used on this web site was registered for a different web site. You can generate a new key for this web site at’ thydzikGoogleMap now detects this and disables the maps.

Example with the new zoom functionality

Future improvements will include

  • Option of choosing Map, Satellite or Terrain
  • Disabling all code if no thydzikGoogleMap are present
  • Creating multiple maps in a single blog post

Grab the latest from the WordPress repository.