USB Wireless Presenter with Mouse and AutoHotkey

I bought this USB Wireless Presenter for 12 USD from eBay as I needed to control the music and slideshow at a reception.

It turned out to better than I expected, some of the reasons i purchased this was;

  • Radio Frequency technology – no need to ‘point’ it at a receiver.
  • 25m operating distance – enough for all large rooms.
  • 6 buttons – plus more if you add key combinations.
  • Mouse emulation – though I never used this.
  • AAA batteries.
Now, previously having heard of AutoHotkey, it was time to try it out.
AutoHotkey is a great little program, takes a little getting use to, but once you do, you can pretty much do anything.
Here’s the code I used, comments explain the buttons;
; up button - increase volume
LWin::Send {vkAFsc130}

; down button - decrease volume
SC030::Send {vkAEsc12E}

; left button - pause winamp (must have global hotkeys on)
Shift & F5::Send ^!{Home}

; right button - mute
;Esc::Send {vkADsc120}

; left button
PgUp:: msgbox, Page Up

; right button
PgDn:: msgbox, Page Down

; the following uses a two key sequence, right button (esc) and then page up, to cause the movie to play
Input,OutputVar,L1 T2,{PgUp}
if ErrorLevel = EndKey:PgUp
Run "C:\Program Files\Combined Community Codec Pack\MPC\mpc-hc.exe" "D:\myvideo.avi" /play /fullscreen /close

Download the AutoHotKey file AutoHotkey.ahk

This USB Wireless Presenter, like all things from China, goes by the following other names KK806, SP-750, V-pointer and X-pointer.

USB Wireless Presenter