Online RSVP form and database with PHP, JavaScript and MySQL


Recently, I needed an online RSVP system for a reception I was hosting, all the options out there didn’t meet my requirements;

  • Customisable and able to self-host
  • No need for tracking codes/numbers to be sent with invitation
  • Able to RSVP additional guests
  • Able to modify an existing RSVP


As usual, I decided to implement my own online RSVP solution, which has the following functionality;
  • PHP/JavaScript front-end
  • MySQL back-end
  • Sleek CSS (borrowed from WordPress)
  • Client-side checking with JavaScript
  • Server-side checking with PHP
  • Very basic submission viewing in HTML, wasn’t a real requirement as I could browse the database with phpMyAdmin, but it was good to have some visibility without the need of logging in


  • You will need PHP installed and a MySQL database.
  • Import the following SQL query to create a RSVP table with required fields.
  • Create a folder on your web hosting.
  • Extract the following zip file contents to this newly created folder.
  • Edit rsvp.php and configure your database settings, including database name, user name, password and host.
  • If using the optional email confirmation, configure the email from address and email body contents.
  • On your website, create an iframe to show the RSVP form.
  • Navigate to rsvp.php and submit a test response.
  • Navigate to res.php and confirm you can see your test response.
  • Alternatively, view the MySQL table directly (with phpMyAdmin)


Two small things I would have added, known after it’s use;

  • Client-side checking for ‘and’ in the full name field, few guests still tried to add themselves and their partner in that field.
  • Improved response email that would be addressed to all guests not just the first name.