thydzik Google Map version

Latest offering has cleaned up JavaScript, improved error handling, improved RoboGEO handling of XML, but main features are.

  • Icons now support letters ‘A’ to ‘Z’.
  • Non clickable markers if no ‘html’ element is present.

In the below example Marker Z is not clickable.


Download the latest from the WordPress repository.

Karratha Geocaches (Pilbara, Western Australia)

From time to time I would like to share some of my Australian travels. It doesn’t really fit in technology or projects. Karratha is 1535km north of Perth, Western Australia.

The XML for the map below was made with RoboGEO, which synchronises GPS data with photographs using the timestamp. The XML map data was then displayed as a Google map using my WordPress plugin thydzikGoogleMap.

One of the features of thydzikGoogleMap is the ability to show XML Google maps, while maintaining the internal links to photographs.


thydzikGoogleMap v1.1

thydzikGoogleMap v1.1 has been released with major updates:

  • cross-domain XML files can be used as the map data, see example below.
  • due to WordPress plugin repository automatically zipping plugins, the main plugin folder is changed. Anyone upgrading from v1.0, requires deletion of old folder.
  • Lots of code improvements, was a bug with displaying the default marker style.
  • Works with RoboGeo produced XML files.

The below example shows cross-domain support, I am using the XML file found in my second blog

thydzikGoogleMap(, 3)

Download here