Start of new project, modding a JVC Videosphere into a computer (a Computersphere)

I have had this idea for a while now, most of the parts, have just been too lazy. By starting a thread and posting it should get me motivated.

This project involves modding a JVC Videosphere into a working computer . I shall name it the Computersphere.

It will consist of two parts:
First part
Restoration of a Videosphere into its brand new condition, this will mostly include cleaning and buffing the plastic. I plan to use a 8.4″ colour TV to replace the existing black and white TV. However, all existing knobs and switches will remain and be operational. I have a feeling there is going to be some custom fancy circuitry to convert the analogue dials to digital.

Second part
Once the Videosphere looks and functions brand new, I will insert a VIA EPIA M from a previous modding project. This should be fairly straight forward as there is plenty of room. DVD rom drive in the base, red neons in the base and the top, as there are already ventilation holes.

Picture of the JVC Videosphere
JVC Videosphere
Source: Graham Mancha – Design for Modern Living

Onto the modding…

First pictures of my videosphere (yes, it is already gutted, I was too eager to take it apart)

Videosphere front
Videosphere back
Videosphere top

Now lets look inside
Videosphere inside back half
Videosphere top of the tube
Videosphere front of the tube
Videosphere base/stand

Very dirty inside. I keep everything except for the tube.

Next I plan to sand any deep scratches and buff the plastic shell.