Replace noisy ASUS F3J laptop CPU fan

Here is a quick post on how to replace a noisy CPU fan on an ASUS F3J series laptops, the replacement is so easy that it really doesn’t need a how to guide.

I purchased the new fan on eBay (as usual) for $7.70 including postage.

The new ASUS F3J fan purchased from eBay for 7.70

Remove the following seven screws as circled, the circled blue screw is a unique extra long screw.

The back of the ASUS F3J laptop

The exposed old existing fan, to remove unscrew three screws.

The existing fan, remove the three screws

The air-hole when the old fan is removed.

The old fan removed

Finally, the new fan inserted and screwed into place.

The brand new fan inserted in the ASUS F3J