Calculate last business day in month with Excel

Here is a quick post to calculate the last business day in a month taking into account holidays.

This is useful for with finance calculations and wanting to know a bank’s last banking day in a month.



  • Cell A2 is the reference month cell
  • Range holidays!A:A is a list of holidays

Database query in SQL to select first unique record

Here’s a quick code snippet to create a query that selects all unique records from field1, and selects the first corresponding record in field2

SELECT DISTINCT field1, First(field2) AS field2first
FROM table1
GROUP BY field1;

The function First, can be substituted for Last, Min, Max, depending on desired returned record. In the example above, table1 is the recordset, field1 is the field which you want unique records only, and field2 are the corresponding records, field2first is just an alias.