Review of EaseUS Partition Master Professional v10.8

The following is a review of EaseUS Partition Master Professional, I was lucky enough to pick this up for free copy thanks to a posting on OzBargain, keep on the lookout as EaseUS regularly has EaseUS Partition Master Pro free.

I have used Partition Master Pro many times previously, it is an established product, well reputed, I have never had an issue with it.

Fairly straight forward to use, though at times the interface can be a little confusing.

For a quick demo of resizing a partition.

  • Select the hard disk drive (make sure to select the larger volume and not the recover partition)
  • Drag the partition to decrease the size, hit OK, then Apply and it will state it needs to restart.
  • Restart and let the software do its magic
  • Once booted into Windows, you can create a new volume on the free drive partition space


Review of EaseUS Partition Master Professional v10.8 Resizing Review of EaseUS Partition Master Professional v10.8 Boot ModeReview of EaseUS Partition Master Professional v10.8 Finished Partition

Increase your eBay feedback for under a dollar

After a disgruntled eBay buyer left me negative feedback which significantly decreased my seller rating percentage, I needed a way to improve these as well as knock the negative feedback to the second page so it wasn’t as obvious to buyers.

The solution is; one cent free postage items.

Since eBay stopped items with digital distribution, there has been a significant decrease in these cheap one cent items, but they are still there.

Here is how to set up the search;

Price: 0 to 0.05 (I use 0.05 AUD as this finds items for 0.01 USD and 0.01 GBP as well)

Free Postage: Show Only

Location: Worldwide

Then in the search bar add something that will return the most results, I use;


The example above search

That’s it, place your bids, enjoy your feedback, and maybe even a useful item (I have a number of stylus pens arriving soon).

Free GPS maps for Garmin MapSource

I discovered this amazing service the other day, I was aware of the OpenStreetMap project, user contributed global street maps, but I was unaware of the additional service which allowed you to download maps to be used on Garmin devices, including MapSource. Whilst Garmin produces some very comprehensive country maps, they miss some of the rarer countries, which OpenStreetMap have covered.

Central Asia free Garmin MapSource map