Convert a Clipsal 30PBL to momentary for a wall mount Nice Flor remote

Another little project of mine, I needed a wall mounted remote for my Nice brand automatic gate, I couldn’t find anything suitable, so I decided to make my own.

Converting the Clipsal 30PBL from latching to momentary

I was looking for wall push buttons, and came across the Clipsal Impress range with a push button version. The advantage of the Clipsal range is it blends with existing wall lighting switches.

I purchased the simple single gang push button with no LED (model 30PBL) from eBay for $18 including postage.

Clipsal 30PBL latched push button

On receipt, I opened up the push button mechanism, thinking there would be an easy way to convert from latching to momentary. Unfortunately, Clipsal had a very simple design that toggled from one contact to the other on each press, so it wasn’t straight forward.

Terminals of the Clipsal 30PBL push button
Inside the Clipsal 30PBL push button

I decided to take a different approach and embed a push button into the Clipsal push button. I found a compatible push button for $5, and removed as much of the unneeded plastic in the Clipsal mechanism. The button was mounted with its standard supplied nuts.

Simple momentary push button
Push button installed in Clipsal 30PBL
Clipsal 30PBL top
Clipsal 30PBL complete
Clipsal 30PBL inserted in bezel

Creating the Nice Flor wall remote

Now with the wall mounted push button sorted, I simply used an old Nice Flor-s remote, soldered some wires to the PCB and connect this to the Clipsal switch. Once installed, the remote was hidden in the wall mounted electrical box.

Nice Flor- s remote
Solder two wires to the button contact on the Nice Flor-s remote
Connect the push button to the Nnice Flor-s remote
Completed Clipsal 30PBLl push button connected to Nice Flor-s remot