Convert Drafix (QuickCAD) CAD file to DWG

Recently I had to convert a CAD file to DWG for a surveyor. I opened the CAD file up in a text editor and the third line read ‘Drafix Windows CAD’. I searched the web for the Drafix software and everyone had the same problem. Drafix CAD was no longer able to be purchased or downloaded from anywhere.

Further reading online, I found that Autodesk AutoSketch may be able to read these CAD files, so I borrowed a copy from my friend and who had AutoSketch 9. It managed to install successfully on my Windows 7 x64 machine, but I had problems running it. I used the inbuilt Windows Program Compatibility tool (search ‘compatibility’ in the start menu). I ran the tool and pointed it to the AutoSketch 9 install. Amazing it worked and I managed to read my CAD file perfectly. I then saved it to various different formats.