Slimbox2 Slideshow – WordPress plugin to add image lightbox and slideshow

Slimbox2 Slideshow is a WordPress plugin that implements a lightbox style affect to images using Slimbox2.


The main advantage of Slimbox2 Slideshow plugin is being able to show a slide show of ALL images in every single post.
Click here to see it in action (notice the slide count).

Additional functionality;

  • automatically add rel=lightbox’ tags to images.
  • automatically re-size images to fit in browser window.
  • based on jQuery library, no need for additional libraries such as or Prototype.

Slide show of all blog images (click me) – notice the slide count.

Standard images, showing grouping.
Emirates Palace at nightEmirates Palace entrance gateSonya with mangroves in the background

Image Map – yes it works
Test Images

1024x768 768x1024 800x600 600x800 640x480 480x640 320x240 240x320


  1. Upload folder ‘thydzik-slimbox2-slideshow’ to the¬† ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Under ‘Plugins’ > ‘Slimbox2 Slideshow’, you will find the ‘Slimbox2 Slideshow Options’ page. Next section will explain the options.


The following configuration settings are available with meaning;

  • Automatic Image Link Tagging – automatically add the HTML to image links to show images in a lightbox. Leave it at default ticked.
  • Automatic Resize – automatically resize images in the lightbox to fit the browser window. Large images will be shrunk and small images will be expanded.
  • Image Scaling Factor – used to determine how much of the browser window an image will be automatically resized to. The default value of 0.75 means the image will be scaled to 75% of the browser window. This value does not take into account border and caption.
  • Enable Slimbox on Image Maps – enable lightbox affect to be enabled for Image Maps.
  • Enable Slideshow on All – when ticked, all images and Image Maps will start in slideshow.
  • Slide Time – the seconds between images during a slideshow.

Slide show of all blog images

Simply create a link with url “#slide” or just “#s”. For images to appear in the slideshow, they must have a title attribute.

Why was Slimbox2 Slideshow created?

My wife and I were in a situation wanting¬† to show our photos to our friends, we had Lightbox but every photo needed to be ‘Next’ manually and that would only show photos in a single post. Slimbox2 Slideshow allows for one-click to start a slideshow of all your photos and sit back and enjoy.

Navigate to to see it in action.

Download Slimbox2 Slideshow from the WordPress Repository here

Slimbox2 Lightbox clone with automatic image resizing

I recently moved from Lightbox 2 to Slimbox2, whilst it is a little outdated, Slimbox2 offers many advantages;

  • jQuery language – no need for Prototype/Scriptaculous
  • page doesn’t need to be loaded completely before being run
  • has its own API

Unfortunately, it is missing automatic image resizing, which I love.

With the help of Example 9 on Neil’s Slimbox Examples, I have managed to hack together this feature which I am happy about.

Modified Slimbox2 with auto resize JavaScript
Modified Slimbox2 with auto resize CSS

Example in the below Image Map;

Test Images

1024x768 768x1024 800x600 600x800 640x480 480x640 320x240 240x320