Slimbox2 Slideshow – WordPress plugin to add image lightbox and slideshow

Slimbox2 Slideshow is a WordPress plugin that implements a lightbox style affect to images using Slimbox2.


The main advantage of Slimbox2 Slideshow plugin is being able to show a slide show of ALL images in every single post.
Click here to see it in action (notice the slide count).

Additional functionality;

  • automatically add rel=lightbox’ tags to images.
  • automatically re-size images to fit in browser window.
  • based on jQuery library, no need for additional libraries such as or Prototype.

Slide show of all blog images (click me) – notice the slide count.

Standard images, showing grouping.
Emirates Palace at nightEmirates Palace entrance gateSonya with mangroves in the background

Image Map – yes it works
Test Images

1024x768 768x1024 800x600 600x800 640x480 480x640 320x240 240x320


  1. Upload folder ‘thydzik-slimbox2-slideshow’ to the  ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Under ‘Plugins’ > ‘Slimbox2 Slideshow’, you will find the ‘Slimbox2 Slideshow Options’ page. Next section will explain the options.


The following configuration settings are available with meaning;

  • Automatic Image Link Tagging – automatically add the HTML to image links to show images in a lightbox. Leave it at default ticked.
  • Automatic Resize – automatically resize images in the lightbox to fit the browser window. Large images will be shrunk and small images will be expanded.
  • Image Scaling Factor – used to determine how much of the browser window an image will be automatically resized to. The default value of 0.75 means the image will be scaled to 75% of the browser window. This value does not take into account border and caption.
  • Enable Slimbox on Image Maps – enable lightbox affect to be enabled for Image Maps.
  • Enable Slideshow on All – when ticked, all images and Image Maps will start in slideshow.
  • Slide Time – the seconds between images during a slideshow.

Slide show of all blog images

Simply create a link with url “#slide” or just “#s”. For images to appear in the slideshow, they must have a title attribute.

Why was Slimbox2 Slideshow created?

My wife and I were in a situation wanting  to show our photos to our friends, we had Lightbox but every photo needed to be ‘Next’ manually and that would only show photos in a single post. Slimbox2 Slideshow allows for one-click to start a slideshow of all your photos and sit back and enjoy.

Navigate to to see it in action.

Download Slimbox2 Slideshow from the WordPress Repository here

  • Hey, I’m wondering why my images in the lightbox popup show big gray spots, shown here:

  • Anne,
    Try the updated Slimbox2 Slideshow v1.1

  • I just updated, no spots. Thanks!

  • ana mendez

    Hello, slimbox2 is not working in my new wordpress
    but it is working on another: http://www.antoniomazzei,com

    i did the same thing on increiiiblebut it is not showing my images lilke slimbox2

    i dont know that to do :(

  • Ana,

    I have had a quick look at your gallery page

    You need to enable the “Link thumbnails to: Image File” option on the gallery.
    Give that a try and let me know.


  • hendrixl

    Hi, just uploaded your plugin and love it!  is it possible to have categories of slideshows?  see my website  On the home page “see our work” section ther are 3 images, one for floors, one for baths and one for showers. I’d like to have a different popup slideshow for each of these.  Is that possible?

  • hendrixl, unfortunately, not really with Slimbox2-Slideshow, you can but you will need to do some custom additional JavaScript.

  • hendrixl

    Hi Travis, thanks for getting back to me.  I can do a bit of programming, would it be possible to give me the code for that?  I see that you have done this on your blog page and is exactly what I need.

  • hendrixl, hopefully the code below isn’t obfuscated, you will need to do some custom JavaScript as follows;

    $.slimbox(images, 0, {slideInterval: slide_time, scaler: tss_scaling, loop: true});

    images; is an array of your images you want in a slideshow, similar to;

    [[“image1.jpg”, “desc1”], [“image2.jpg”, “descr”]]

    slide_time; is the time in seconds you wish each slide to show for.
    tss_scaling; is 0.75 or the scaler to fit images into the window.

  • motown

    Hi – I have several image sets on one page. Unfortunately the different image sets run together in one big slide show. How can I set the sets to run independently?