Simple timber patio design for side of house (pergola)

Having completed a recent pergola at the rear of my home, I thought I would share the timber patio design planning and design drawings which can be referenced when creating your own.

My pergola was attached to one side of my home’s wall on the existing roof’s fascia. Length was 12m and protruded 2.4m from the wall. It was a timber design due to the existing features.

Timber patio design materials, the timber:

  • QTY5, 90mm x 90mm x 2.4m H3 treated pine posts
  • QTY1, 190mm x 45mm x 12m H3 treated pine outer beam
  • QTY1, 120mm x 45mm x 12m H3 treated pine inner beam
  • QTY17, 120mm x 45mm x 2.4m H3 treated pine rafters
  • QTY5, 70mm x 35mm x 12m H3 treated pine batterns

Timber patio design materials, the fixings:

  • QTY5, 90mm galvanised stirrups
  • QTY12, galvanised fascia bracket/straps
  • QTY24, 60mm galvanised bolts and nuts for the fascia brackets/straps
  • QTY10, 120mm galvanised bolts and nuts for stirrups
  • QTY10, 100mm galvanised bolts and nuts for attaching beam to posts
  • QTY100, 75mm galvanises nails
  • QTY60, battern self-tapping screws

Timber patio design downloads: