Replacing a cracked Canon IXUS 55 / IXY 60 / SD450 LCD screen

Here’s a step by step guide on replacing the LCD screen on a Canon IXUS camera. Whilst, the model shown here the IXUS 55, it is fairly similar for other IXUS models.

The cheapest LCD I have found online is through The Foto Geeks for $55, however you can actually buy a cheaper whole (working) camera from eBay, and usually accessories are included with it. Note to make sure it is only the LCD which is cracked and not the backlight, in order to get the correct replacement parts.

My poor camera with cracked LCD screen:
Canon IXUS 55 / IXY 60 / SD450 with cracked LCD screen

Tools required:

  • small Philips head screwdriver
  • small flat head screwdriver

First remove the 6 Philips screws on the edges of the metal case, location defined by the arrows in the photo below:
Remove the 6 small Philips screws from the case

Remove the front half of the metal case by starting at the camera’s base, at the top there is a metal clip which connects the front and back halves. Removing the front half free form this clip requires a bit of manipulating . The clip is circled in the photo below:
Metal clip connecting the front and back halves

Once the front half of the metal housing is removed, the back half can be removed extremely easily. You will be presented with the LCD screen, remove the single Philips screw which holds the LCD in place as per the photo below:
Remove the screw which holds the LCD screen in place

Slide the LCD screen to the left, and this will release the screen from a little clip. Once the screen is free, remove a Philips screen holding the tripod mount is place:
The clip holding the LCD in place and the screw holding the tripod mount

Turn the camera over, and remove the front screw which holds the tripod mount. You can then remove the tripod mount which will allow the removal of the main LCD ribbon cable. The ribbon cable is disconnected by lifting up the brown tab on the connector:
The screw holding the tripod mount at the front and the main ribbon cable connector

Once the main ribbon cable is removed, the backlight’s ribbon cable can then be accessed easier. It is removed by simply pulling the cable away from the socket perpendicular to the PCB:
Remove the backlight's ribbon cable

The LCD can now be removed from the camera. The below photo is the replacement LCD screen:
Removed LCD screen

To connect the replacement LCD and reassemble the camera, perform the above instructions in reverse. It is a good idea to test the replacement LCD before assembling, to make sure everything works fine.

  • Alexandre

    Nice tutorial, thanks for your pacience, engage and interest in sharing their work with us.

  • jaqi

    Yes, thanks for that. I’m going to give it a go-really upset when i saw the screen on my canon

  • Rocco

    Thank you for the tutorial. I succesfully replaced the LCD without any pain. It’s been easy. Cheers!

  • Marco

    Great, well it worked, the screen is replaced,
    but NOW the camera fails to do Anything, does not turn on anymore ?
    is there a way to hardreset it in anyway ?
    all the cables are connected but its DEAD..
    it still made pictures with the broken screen, but with the new screen it just looks good but does nothing… please help

  • thydzik


    I have replaced my screen twice and not had this problem. All I can suggest is make sure everything is connected and maybe try the camera with the case opened.

  • Steve

    Same problem – dead camera. I replaced the screen, then tested it while the camera was torn apart. The camera came to life and the screen looked perfect. I reassembled the camera, and then the camera was dead. My efforts to locate a loose cable, etc… have been in vain. I can’t find anything wrong. One second it was working, the next second – nothing. Any ideas?

  • thydzik


    I am really not too sure. Take apart the camera and confirm everything is working. Perhaps then try to leave the camera on while reassembling. Or confirm everything is working after small changes to fault find the problem.

  • Jerry

    Thx! Super tutorial, even though I received only the lcd without the backlight , I managed to replace it using only this tutorial.
    To replace the LCD only, you do not need to detach the flat cable for the backlight. Just ‘unclip’ the LCD from it’s housing and replace it carefully.
    Worked like a charm!

  • Richard

    Thanks for the disassembly/fix tutorial, it’s appreciated!

    While my camera’s LCD has (somehow) survived all these years, the ‘metal clip’ that holds the front and back together at the top has always been loose. I took the camera apart to see if it was bent and it didn’t seem to be out of place at all – Have you seen any problems with the top bezel (starting where the AIAF logo is) being loose or noticed a good fix for it?

  • Dainius

    The cheapest LCD I have found on for $28+5 for shipping to Lithuania and following Your instructions already can enjoy my ixus:))) Many tanks!

  • CC

    Hey I just fixed it! your instructions are awesome ;]

  • Derek

    Any suggestion how to help release the upped top clip when removing the case?… I’m too afraid of breaking the clip. Done that before on other failure camera repairs :). Does the clip CATCH from underside or top side?… thanks again!

  • thydzik

    It is been awhile, but from what I remember, you should try to hinge the case where the clip is, i.e. spread it at the bottom. This should release the clip.

    Also, the clip is metal, so there shouldn’t be any problem breaking it.

  • Linda

    I have the same details as your blog.

  • Kevin

    Excellent guide! Finished successfully in about 15 minutes.

  • john

    only thing missing was to lift the black lock when removing ribbon cable, and then closin git again upon reinstall.

    Other than that, these were perfect !!! thanks

  • HowardM

    Awesome guide! Compleated my LCD replacement in about 15 minutes (with the help of my daughter Nicole). I was able to pickup a non-working sd450 (came with a battery and charger) for $20 off ebay.

    Thank you!

  • hp q2612a

    Thank you for this particular informative stuff. More often than not, the very best wisdom come from the websites a person may not expect. Not long ago, I decided not to give a whole lot of thought to commenting on blog page entries and have left responses even less. Looking at your good blog, will inspire me to do so often.

  • filmsurgeon

    Replaced LCD successfully today. One thing to note: when replacing the rear cover, be sure to have the “camera, video, playback” selector switch (located on the back cover) positioned in playback mode and the actual switch (located on the back internal circuit board) in the same position (all the way down). Hold the camera with the top facing up when replacing the back cover. This will help to keep the selector switch in the down, playback mode position.

  • roger

    I’ve found a similar guide here… a complete step by step disassembling procedure…. but it is in italian.

  • Bill Hart

    Thanks very much for this. I have an IXUS 800 IS which I had dropped and broken the screen. I bought a faulty camera off eBay for £10 with a working screen and did a transplant. These instruction were helpful, and in fact it was easier to click in the ribbon (Steps 6 and 7) for my camera. The YouTube video (see link below) covered the same model and was also a great help.
    I now have a working camera again!


    Hello… i m looking for Canon Ixus 55 LCD Screen. Can Any one Advice me from where to get it . Thanks

  • Adeel
    Try eBay, look for items with faulty Ixus 55, but working screens.

  • hot_sauce

    do you know where i can find a lcd screen for ixus wireless?
    i’ve looked everywhere!

  • greg ulsamer

    thanks a lot! your explanations encouraged me successfully to change the display from an IXUS 10 IS.

  • Andy Parnell

    Worked well, I had taken the old one out a month before receiving a new one, forgot where the flexi’s fitted, the big one, bit of a fiddle and one screw left over?. But all singing dancing again, till daughter drops it again.

  • StevieA

    Many, many thanks! Just fixed an Ixus 95 IS that had a dodgy screen (cyan cast). Turned out the LCD lead had been slightly jolted out of position. Re-seated and now works fine!
    Not sure if this mentioned above, but on cameras with a slider to select Auto/Program/Movie, make sure the little peg on the switch is aligned with slider slot before inserting back panel to innards (easiest way it to select Auto or Movie – less chance of it being knocked out of alignment). Great stuff.

  • Paul

    Thnx for the guide, very good indeed!

    Does the same method apply to Canon’s model Powershot SX210 IS? I have been able to take apart the back panel so that the LCD display is visible but I am not quite sure how to remove the LCD. The thing is I have some dust on the sensor or IR filter which should be possible to access once the LCD is out of the way. I have not found any good guide for the SX210 disassembly on the net.
    Paul in Sweden

  • Mathew

    Thanks for tutorial! I just fixed my Canon Ixus 130 ;). Almost the same…

  • Frans

    Thx for the tutorial!
    Bought my display at eBay for only $ 29,99 (€ 20,-).
    Item was sent to me within 4 days, free of charge in ordinary mail by Rongyuanxie from USA to The Netherlands! Excellent service!

    My camera works fine after repairs.

    Some remarks:
    – The tripod mount has a second srew at the bottom of the camera. This screw has to be removed also, in order allow removal of the tripod mount.
    – There is no need to disconnect the backlight cable. The display can easily be removed from the backlight mount after disconnecting the display cable first. The display is connected to the backlight by means of four little clamps. Lift these clamps carefully by means of a small knife to disconnect the old display from the backlight bracket.
    – Make sure the display- and backlight cables are positioned properly in their seats! Do not forget to close the brown strip after replacing the display and backlight cable. Failure to do so will result in a non-operational camera.
    – On my camera, the metal strip that holds the back and frontcover together (normally attached to the back-cover – see picture nr. 3 above) came lose. I used some super-glue to attach it again. (Take care to wipe off surplus glue, in order not to glue other parts together!)

  • Raquel

    what could be wrong if the screen is all white after installing the new lcd?

  •  Raquel, possibly the datacable to LCD was not connected correctly.

  • Harsha

    HELP HELP!!! while i removed the back cover of the camera, a L Shaped nickel color metal clip just jumped out and i don’t know where it is from. Can anyone help me to put it back all together. :((

  • Harsha

    Okay don’t worry i got it right, Phew! no more taking it apart again on my own. :)

  • Geoff Brown

    Fantastic And do you know were i could bye a charger for this camera i left mine in the UK thanks Geoff Brown Sydney Australia

  • should be plenty on eBay

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  • Bob

    I have changed the broken LCD screen. Now that I turn on the camera it only shows a white lighted screen with a small dotted red are on its right side. What do you think can be the problem?

  • Bob

    I’m sorry I meant a small dotted red arrow.

  • That would suggest the LCD screen cable is not connected correctly.

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  • Bartjan

    Thanks for the tutorial and comments guys!
    – At first the screen turned white after I installed it, it turned out I really had to push the cable far into the socket.
    – I also had a problem with some of the screws. A friend tipped me to buy some cheap sets of phillips screwdrivers to find one that would fit exactly. Bought one set for 2 euro’s, and that worked wonders.