Replace noisy ASUS F3J laptop CPU fan

Here is a quick post on how to replace a noisy CPU fan on an ASUS F3J series laptops, the replacement is so easy that it really doesn’t need a how to guide.

I purchased the new fan on eBay (as usual) for $7.70 including postage.

The new ASUS F3J fan purchased from eBay for 7.70

Remove the following seven screws as circled, the circled blue screw is a unique extra long screw.

The back of the ASUS F3J laptop

The exposed old existing fan, to remove unscrew three screws.

The existing fan, remove the three screws

The air-hole when the old fan is removed.

The old fan removed

Finally, the new fan inserted and screwed into place.

The brand new fan inserted in the ASUS F3J

  • Ben

    How less noisy is the new fan? I’m considering doing the same, is it worth the trouble?

  • There is a definite improvement, the old fan was grinding against something. The procedure is very straight forward, really depends how much you can buy the new fan for.

  • Ben

    Thanks for your answer. So do you think your old fan was not functionning properly? Mine does not really sound like it is grinding against anything, even though it is quite loud.

  • Flyin Eye Project

    I’m going to replace mine. It also has that grinding sound as soon as it gets up to a certain speed. I’ve tried a home made spacer but it hasn’t helped. Glad to hear fan replacement should fix this. I’ve worked on computers for decades but this fan noise is weird.

  • cmon

    Hi Travis,
    What is your CPU temperature when PC does nothing? I have extra high 65-70C most of the time and do not think that just changing the noisy fan will solve the noise + high temp problem (CPU fan was cleared from dust few times by experienced engineers, thermal paste etc).

  • cmon

    Travis, could you please share how many RPM your CPU fan made at idle state? For me it’s about 3200 RPM.