Repair a punctured tyre with tire repair strips

Caution: this guide is a demonstration of how to use the product, it should not be applied to the tyre sidewall.

Here is a quick post on how to repair a minor puncture on a car’s tyre. I purchased a car tyre repair kit from eBay for $5.50 including postage. Here’s what I received;

  • A raspier tool for enlarging the hole,
  • A needle insertion tool for inserting the repair strips,
  • A small tube of rubber adhesive, and
  • Five tyre repair strips.

Puncture repair kit, tools, adhesive and strips
Five tyre repair strips

How to repair a puncture

A puncture to the tyre's side wall

First remove a repair strip and insert it into the need hole of the insertion tool, this was the most difficult and used some pliers to help me pull it though, I was surprised and happy that the repair strips were not sticky at all. Pull the strip so it is centred in the insertion tool.

Insert a strip into the insertion tool

Cover the strip with copious amounts of rubber adhesive, this will assist with the strip sticking to the inside of the tyre. Insert the needle insertion tool (with the strip) into the tyre hole, don’t insert it all the way down, but ensure both ends are still protruding.

Now twist the insertion tool slighty (this will get it all knotted inside) before pulling it out of the hole, you may need to use some pliers to ensure the strip remains inside.

Insert the strip into the puncture

Inflate the tyre and ensure no leaks

  • That’s a good news. We don’t have to buy expensive tools just to repair our tyre because we can now use strips that will help us to repair the damage tyre. 

  • TJ

    These sets are only to repair the cap of tire not the sidewalls. Repairing a sidewall like this is very dangerous because the stell carcass is still damaged and can’t be repaired! This steel carcass is the thing that actually bears the load of your car.

  • Manny A. Red III

    May I know if you have suppliers here in the Philippines? Thanks. -Manny

  • Mr. Amit panara

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  • Mr. Amit panara

    We are Car tyre injury any type repairing possible.

  • Manny, you can find it on eBay very easily.

  • amit

    Cat tyre injury side wall possible

  • amit

    Not dangerous for car tyre side wall injury repair to bast technology machine

  • BluntnRude

    Showing a repair on the sidewall is both stupid and irresponsible.

    That tire is damaged beyond repair and there’s no safe (or legal) way to fix it.