Remove the LCD screen and replace the video cable and on a Dell Inspiron 6400

Here is a quick post on how to replace the video cable on a Dell Inspiron 6400. I had the ‘red tint of death’ on this laptop, thought it was the cable but unfortunately replacing the cable didn’t resolve the issue.

Firstly, the Dell Inspiron 6400 with red screen.

The red tint of death on a Dell laptop

Again, I purchased the replacement part from eBay, where else can you get a replacement LCD video cable for $6 including postage to Australia. For the Dell Inspiron 6400 search for “UF167” which is the Dell part number.

Dell Inspiron 6400 video cable part UF167

Disassembling the laptop to get to the LCD is a fairly straight forward process.

First, with a flat screwdriver pry the top laptop bezel off, you will need to twist the LCD screen flat to remove it completely.

Pry the top bezel above the keyboard

Here is a photo of the bezel removed, already we can observe one end of the cable connected to the video card, reseat (unplug and plug) the cable, this maybe all that is needed to resolve your issue.

Once the bezel is removed

Next we need to remove the bezel surrounding the LCD screen, peel off the rubber domes to reveal the screw heads. Once the screws a revealed, with a small Philips screwdriver remove the screws, this will allow you to remove the bezel.

Remove the six rubber domes covering the screws

Finally, four screws on each of the left and right side of the LCD screen needs to be removed to dislodge the hinges from the LCD assembly.

Once the LCD monitor bezel is removed
Remove four screws on each side of the LCD

Once the LCD is removed you have access to the LCD video cable or can replace the whole LCD if needed.

The removed LCD screen revealing the LCD cable

Assembly is the other way around.

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