Increase your eBay feedback for under a dollar

After a disgruntled eBay buyer left me negative feedback which significantly decreased my seller rating percentage, I needed a way to improve these as well as knock the negative feedback to the second page so it wasn’t as obvious to buyers.

The solution is; one cent free postage items.

Since eBay stopped items with digital distribution, there has been a significant decrease in these cheap one cent items, but they are still there.

Here is how to set up the search;

Price: 0 to 0.05 (I use 0.05 AUD as this finds items for 0.01 USD and 0.01 GBP as well)

Free Postage: Show Only

Location: Worldwide

Then in the search bar add something that will return the most results, I use;


The example above search

That’s it, place your bids, enjoy your feedback, and maybe even a useful item (I have a number of stylus pens arriving soon).