IMDb Top 250 movies extended: all past and present movies

I like the IMDb Top 250 list as it lets me know about movies I would normally never hear about. The problem though, is that a lot of the movies get pushed off the list by newer movies, and unfortunately you may never get to hear about them again.

Hence, I present the IMDb Top 250 movies extended list, a collection of all the IMDb Top 250 movies from October 2000 to the 8th August 2008.

This list was made by downloading all the archived Top 250 lists on the Internet Archive. Once all the movie titles were extracted, I extracted current ratings and votes for the individual movie titles. The movie titles were sorted by rating producing the list.

This list is not a definitive list, and doesn’t include all the movies after number 250. I do wish IMDb did have this feature. Furthermore, this list is not updated in real time, and hence the list is already outdated.

However, this list does provide movies that may be worth enjoying during the next rainy day in.

IMDb Top 250 movies extended