an attempt at converting an iMac into an aquarium

iMacquarium Cartoon

Two old iMacs were purchased for $269 inc post (in 2004 and was quite expensive). The guts of one were sold on eBay aswell as one whole iMac.

The subject...

The original idea...

Most of the iMacquariums I have seen gut the whole imac and then add in a perspex tank. This creates a very unnatural looking display in that the face is now totally flat and the edges of the tank cause an eyesore. My idea was to keep the original monitor tube in the imac and use this as the actual tank.

The problem...

Glass is an absolute bitch to work with. I found it impossible to cut anything neatly, especially curved surfaces, and even though I invested in a diamond blade. The following pictures was the documented progress till I gave up.

iMac CRT tube
Bare tube straight from the imac.

glass bottle test
Initial tests cutting a glass bottle.

tube cut
After cutting, note the poorly cut edges.

If anyone does manage to implement this method, contact me would love to know how it went.


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