Hyundai does not recommend an engine flush during routine service

I recently had my Hyundai Tucson services with the Hyundai authorised dealer recommending an engine flush, even prior to inspecting the vehicle. An ‘engine flush’ clears the gunk out of your engine by pouring a chemical into the engine and idling. Due to the use of chemicals, it can possibly be damaging to modern car’s engines.

I was concerned due to no mentioned of an engine flush in the Hyundai Recommended Maintenance Schedules, so I contact Hyundai directly, this was their response:

I have been in contact with our technical department both locally and overseas and they have advised that Hyundai don’t recommend an [engine] flush at service.

  • Dr. Demento

    I can’t remember where I saw it, but I believe that NO car manufacturer recommends engine flushes. The potential for damage is too high.
    It would be like if there was a drug to remove all the cholesterol on your artery walls all at once. While that sounds like a worthy goal, dumping that much gunk into your system all at once would cause a heart attack instead of prevent it. Same with your car.

  • Yes. but the dealers, even those authorised by the manufacturers are still doing it.