Connect to CMS2000 solar inverter with LabVIEW and read power

After a few weeks of ‘chasing the sun’, finally got something I am happy with, LabVIEW connects to the CMS2000 via serial interface and reads the parameters.

Programmed as a state-machine, basic error checking and fail safes.

Note, I am using a RS232 to TCP/IP adapter, I am guessing a lot of the peculiarities are due to that.

Don’t use the thumb snippet, but the linked image.

Read CMS 2000 Inverter with LabVIEW

Read CMS2000 invert in LabVIEW VI

Phoenixtec (CMS2000) inverter protocols spreadsheet

  • Mariela

    Hi Travis! I’m happy to see your work with labview and solar inverters! I would like to use your program with my own inverter. I downloaded your file but when I try to run it. It asks me for a cms2000-enum.ctl file. where can I find this file?

  • HI Mariela

    You can download it here;