ComputerSphere – mounting the VIA Epia M motherboard

A quick post on the progress made to mount the VIA Epia M motherboard inside the Videosphere.

Firstly, the VIA Epia M motherboard, chosen as I had it from a previous project and it was the perfect size, well, it was a little bit too big, but it still did fit nicely.

The VIA Epia M motherboard

Fitted with a single stick of 512mb memory and currently in the process of purchasing a small (capacity wise) solid state disk. The power supply is a tiny module that connects directly to the ATX plug. Everything is on-board which is good.

The VIA Epia M motherboard

I hack an old PC case motherboard try and get left with a square with four mounting screws for the motherboard spacers.

A mounting plate from an old case

This is a photo of the LCD TV’s PCB before covering it with the motherboard mounting plate. I have connected the LCD cable and a power cable, I make a late decision to not use the LCD TV’s tuner, mainly because I left this project so long that we don’t have analogue free-to-air any more, what I will do instead is purchase a digital USB TV tuner dongle.

The LCD TVs PCB with VGA a power attached

Now a photo with mounting plate and VIA Epia M motherboard mounted.

Mounting plate attached with wires for LCD control

The mounted VIA Epia M in the ComputerSphere

Now that I won’t be using the analogue TV tuner, I don’t know what to use the two large knobs for now, one can still be used for volume control with a pot but not sure about the other one.

Next post should see a test run of Windows on the ComputerSphere, but still heaps more to go before finished, including all the connections for the back.