CECT T689 Dual SIM card phone review

Having owned the CECT T689 for over a year now, I thought it was a good time to write a comprehensive review.

The CECT T689 provides dual SIM capability, with no need to ever switch between the two SIM cards. Two individual ‘call’ buttons allow you to choose which number to dial from. Received calls, dialled number and SMSes are marked with ‘SIM B’ if used with the second SIM card.
The T689 has all common phone features, including 1.3MP camera, MP3 player, video player and audio player.

Missing features:

  • English dictionary. No intelligent word entry, all letters must be entered individually. There is this feature for Pinyin though but not English.
  • Unable to reply to an SMS from a different SIM card easily, must create a new SMS from start.
  • No keypad lock timeout less than 5 seconds (excluding 0)
  • Unable to change the SMS tones, must chose from phone’s built in unpleasing tones

Design flaws:

  • Keypad unlock requires the double press of the “#” key. Any keypad lock that relies on double pressing a key to unlock can be unlocked very easily accidently. This is a constant problem with this phone.
  • The CECT T689 has a problem stating ‘Warning! Bad Contact -Charger!’, this is a serious problem disabling the data and charging capability through the supplied USB cable. The phone is unusable when this message is displayed. To remove the message I squeeze the phone and screen till message goes away. Fortunately, a spare battery is supplied with the phone and can be swapped to allow the other to recharge.

CECT T689 displays USB/charger connected randomly, even when no cables are connected

CECT T689 Bad Contact Charger message

CECT T689 Bad Contact Charger message

I am still using the T689 for both my personal and work numbers and will continue do so as long as the basic dual SIM functionality remains.

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    plz help me , i request u. im use this phone, but now this phone softwere is currcpt. plz send me E71.bin update sw file, send me on my id [email protected]

    im very greatful to you

    Parveen James.

  • raven

    i just bought this phone 1 week ago and searching the website that contain this model manual booklet.If anyone know about the website,please help me.Hmm still wondering is this phone can install any language software in it and also does the phone itself has any place to configure so it can read chinese character.

    I’m very grateful if anyone can help

  • romi i

    need Help for update software for cect t 689
    i have usb drivers can connekt to pc
    but can not make links to aplikation on sd

  • how could i open the gprs of my t689 phone? kindly send me the answer asd soon as possible. thank you. muah

  • jack

    i have cect t 689 and i have problem because when i put sim in phone
    it turned of and after few seconds turned on again
    what should i do
    please anywone help me