Videosphere polishing and TV tuner

Progress with the cleaning of the Videosphere is as follows:
Have purchased some buffing/polishing compound that is supposed to be very good for plastics, it is called Polac (but also goes by the name Vonax).
Purchased from Abrasiflex for $24.20. It can be purchased cheaper from Ferrofin but are in the eastern states. Whilst this is fairly expensive, it was a very large bar.

Polac plastic polishing compound

I already owned a cloth polishing disc 3.5″ disc which I attached to an electric drill, and then secured to a bench vice.

3.5 inch cloth buffing wheel

This has become my makeshift polishing wheel.

Makeshift polishing wheel

After much experimenting and much wasting of time, I have come to method that produces satisfactory polishing results.

  1. Sand with wet & dry 320/400 grade paper any deep scratches.
  2. Move to 600 grade wet & dry all over the plastic
  3. Move to 1200 grade wet & dry all over
  4. Finally finish by buffing with Polac all over. Abasiflex recommended dry buffing.

Pictures of one half using this procedure below, I will buff it more later.

Videosphere halve; polished

I have started looking at how the tuning was achieved on the Videosphere, I have realised it is impossible for me to use the existing tuners. Below are pictures of the VHF and UHF tuners. It was quite intriguing looking at technology that was over 30 years old.

Videosphere VHF and UHF TV tuner
Videosphere UHF TV tuner
Videosphere VHF TV tuner
Videosphere VHF TV tuner side view

Cleaning the Videosphere

I should mention prices, and note it will all be in Australian dollars.

I picked up the Videosphere about 3 years ago of eBay for about $200.

I will also mention, I am going to try and include everything, even the mundane stuff. So with that said.
Here are some pictures of me washing it. Basically I removed everything that could be removed and scrubbed it with a bit of detergent and brush. The condition is actually quite good, few scratches but nothing major.

Videosphere being soaked
Videosphere nice a clean

This is the colour LCD TV I purchased ofabout a year ago for $150. I spent a while looking for one that could fit the nicest in the existing hole. The actual tube is specified as 9″.

8.4 inch LCD colour TV box
8.4 inch LCD colour TV

I also picked up a few sheets of various grade wet and dry for $1.30 each.

Wet and Dry (sand) paper

Start of new project, modding a JVC Videosphere into a computer (a Computersphere)

I have had this idea for a while now, most of the parts, have just been too lazy. By starting a thread and posting it should get me motivated.

This project involves modding a JVC Videosphere into a working computer . I shall name it the Computersphere.

It will consist of two parts:
First part
Restoration of a Videosphere into its brand new condition, this will mostly include cleaning and buffing the plastic. I plan to use a 8.4″ colour TV to replace the existing black and white TV. However, all existing knobs and switches will remain and be operational. I have a feeling there is going to be some custom fancy circuitry to convert the analogue dials to digital.

Second part
Once the Videosphere looks and functions brand new, I will insert a VIA EPIA M from a previous modding project. This should be fairly straight forward as there is plenty of room. DVD rom drive in the base, red neons in the base and the top, as there are already ventilation holes.

Picture of the JVC Videosphere
JVC Videosphere
Source: Graham Mancha – Design for Modern Living

Onto the modding…

First pictures of my videosphere (yes, it is already gutted, I was too eager to take it apart)

Videosphere front
Videosphere back
Videosphere top

Now lets look inside
Videosphere inside back half
Videosphere top of the tube
Videosphere front of the tube
Videosphere base/stand

Very dirty inside. I keep everything except for the tube.

Next I plan to sand any deep scratches and buff the plastic shell.