Enabling English language on a CECT T689

I recently purchased a CECT T689 for its dual SIM capability. The first problem was due to being a Chinese phone, the default language was Chinese. It was by luck that I found the English language setting.

Here is how to set the CECT T689 to English language:

  1. Click on the circular button which will get you to the main phone menu, you will see some Windows style icons
  2. Click the down arrow till you get to the last menu (as seen in the following picture). This is the ‘System’ menu, click the first icon which looks like a calculator, this is the ‘Settings’ menu.
    CECT T689 settings menu
  3. Once in the settings menu, click on the second option, this is ‘Phone Setup’
  4. In the phone setup menu click on the third menu option, this is ‘Language’
  5. You will now be in the language menu and can see the ‘English’ option, in English.