My First Case Mod

This was my first case mod and at the time (2001) it looked pretty good, but since case modding has gone mainstream it looks quite plain now.

A link to my case in the PC database

More pictures... sorry about the quality

case atomic magazine

My computer mod published in atomicmpc magazine, excerpt below;

The Story
After being turned on by some really neat cases, I decided to try modding for myself. My main aim was to keep the costs of the whole project to a minimum, bust still have a decent case in the end.
The paint job was the hardest and most time consuming, with lots of sanding and many coats involved trying to get close to a mirror finish as possible. In total, six cans of black and two cans of clear paint where used, with individual parts like the fan grill and buttons being painted with red model paint. After the final coat, the case was buffed with some car polish.
The 16x2 LCD was easily hooked up; it was simply interfaced to the parallel port using wiring diagrams found on the Net. I use the LCD mainly to show Winamp song titles. Red rounded IDE cabled, two red 12" neons and the front 80mm intake fan were then installed. Bright LEDs also replaced the default HDD and power on LEDs. Finally, a piece of mirror was cut for the bottom of the case.

for any comments/questions/anything at all, contact me.

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