BIOS password for Dell Latitude CPi (serial ending with -D35B)

Need to obtain the BIOS password for Dell Latitude with serial number ending with -D35B, download the following.


For an example, I have a Dell Latitude CPi with serial WHZQS**-D35B.

I obtain the BIOS password as: d5g3xts5

The hard drive password is then required, using the HDD serial of HRCHRLL0275-D35B.

I obtain the hard drive password as: djb2f5eq

Note: if your serial number has ‘*’, include them.

Thanks to a thread at techspo.

  • rob kinder

    This was most helpful to me. Thanks.

  • asher

    is there a version available for 64bit computers?

  • tlilgero1

    awesome, very helpful, thank you very much

  • tlilgero1


  • to unlock your laptop using a master password
    go to they can help.
    it always works for me. or email them at [email protected]

  • Jimbob

    I have the masterpw command box open and I can get the codes I need to enter but when I do it tells that I have entered the incorrect password. I must be doing it wrong, please can you help?!

    Also I have had this working before but I cant for the life of me remember what I did! :/

    Most appreciated

  • Mechelle

    I have a hand me down dell latitide c610 and the computer system #FNBMM31-595B is protected by a password authentication system.
    I don’t have another system running that I can use to download and run the Master pw.exe file.can someone please generate the pswd for me? PLEASE ; )
    Thanks in advance for any help! Shalom !