8 Suits – eight suited playing cards

8 Suits, as you guessed is a deck of playing cards with an additional 4 suits, the clover, tear, crescent and star for a total of 104 cards plus a number of jokers.

Priced at $12 USD per deck plus $5 per postage ($13 per postage internationally), it is a little steeper than The Fat Pack, at roughly $16 USD including international postage. Unfortunately, I discovered the former after ordering the 8 Suits.

8 Suits - 8 suited playing cards
8 Suits - new suits clover, tear, crescent and star
8 Suits - height of deck

The following show how 8 suits affect the probability of standard poker hands;

Poker Hand         No of Combinations        Probability
Royal Flush                         8       0.0000000870
Straight Flush                     72       0.0000007829
Five of a Kind                    728       0.0000079163
Flush                          10,216       0.0001110887
Four of a kind                 87,360       0.0009499522
Full House                    244,608       0.0026598662
Straight                      327,600       0.0035623208
Three of a Kind             3,075,072       0.0334383181
Two Pair                    5,381,376       0.0585170567
Pair                       41,000,960       0.4458442418
No Pair                    41,834,520       0.4549083692

Total                      91,962,520       1.000000000

To view the probabilities for any other numbers of suits.

  • Brian

    Pretty cool. Now I can try out poker games with the two Swiss Poker deck I have.


    One of these decks is the standard French suits, and the other is the Swiss suit, and both decks have the same backs. Which means, its possible to make both of these into an 8 suit deck.

  • yo

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