5 Dimension – a 5 suit playing cards

I recently purchased a 5 Dimension (5D) deck of playing cards from Canada for $5 (plus $5 shipping to Australia). Unlike a normal deck, the 5D deck has an extra suit, the star, plus a numeric 1 card (as opposed to an ace), a princess card and jokers, totalling 80 playing cards.

5 Dimension playing cards

The cards are standard bridge size 2.25″ x 3.5″ (the thinner width making it easier to hold more cards), with a card width of 0.3 mm. The card material is of quite good quality, with no ruined corners yet.

So how does an extra suite and more denominations affect the probabilities of standard 5 card poker hands? With reference to Durango Bill’s Poker Probabilities, the probabilities in a 5 suit 13 denomination deck are as follows:

Poker Hand        Number of Combinations     Probability
Royal Flush                         5        .0000006053
Five of a kind                     13        .0000015739
Straight Flush                     45        .0000054480
Four of a kind                  3,900        .0004721614
Flush                           6,385        .0007730129
Full House                     15,600        .0018886455
Straight                       31,200        .0037772909

Total                       8,259,888       1.0000000000

The biggest difference is a Full House is easier to be dealt then a Flush.

Now, how does adding a One and Princess denomination affect the probabilities.

Poker Hand        Number of Combinations     Probability
Royal Flush                         5        .0000002897
Five of a kind                     15        .0000008691
Straight Flush                     55        .0000031867
Four of a kind                  5,250        .0003041822
Flush                          14,955        .0008664849
Full House                     21,000        .0012167290
Straight                       37,440        .0021692540

Total                      17,259,390       1.0000000000

A Full House remains a higher probability, but with a high probability of obtaining a Flush.

To see how the above combinations where calculated refer to;
Poker hands probability calculator for any number of suits and ranks (denominations)

Update: October 2009

After over a year of use and into the second deck, I thought I would retract my statement stating ‘The card material is of quite good quality’. These cards damage very easily, the photos speak for themselves.

Update: June 2010
Want more suits? Check out 8 Suits here.

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  • William Zucker

    Can you tell me how I can purchase for myself one of those decks of 5D Playing Cards that you claim to have purchased?

  • thydzik


    refer to the link in the post

  • mercerd

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  • Richard M Abrams

    Can you tell me how I can purchase for myself several of those decks of 5D Playing Cards with 5 suits?

  • thydzik

    email the seller
    [email protected]

  • Christian Provost

    Hi Mr Thydzik,

    Hi saw your comment on your blog and I have to admit that the quality of my deck has to be improove, wich was I done a year ago. So if you resend me your mailing address, I will send you decks with the new quality.

    It will be free. I received so many visitors from your blog, I consider that as an investment in advertising.

    Thank you, Christian Provost general manager & designer of the 5*Dimension playing card deck.

    PS: Do you know any distributor in Australia that could be interested in distributing my products.

  • Brian Lawrence

    Have you guys checked out the 8 suited deck of cards?
    I found them on http://www.8suits.com/ website. its a double deck and I see they are made in the usa. I’d like to buy one of these but the site doesn’t say how much to ship to Australia. Anyone know shipping costs? (to Australia)

  • Alex

    Wow, those 8 Suits cards are awesome!! I have no idea how much the shipping to Austrailia would be, but it looks like they’d be worth whatever the cost is. I just ordered a few decks. Looks like a great gift for other people. I can’t wait to try them out.

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    Very Nice site!! keep it up!

  • maxime

    Does the author still produces card games?

  • leoo riberdy

    if i have filled my 4 and 3 of same can i use 4 aces for 2 pairs(ex:2 aces and 2 aces for 2 pairs)
    does anyone know??

  • helping hand

    Hey! It seems their website at jeu de cartes is not updated anymore, but I bought a deck on nobleknight site, where they sell old board games and rpgs.
    Deck is really cute, though cardboard is quite thin, unlike stuff what piatnik or modiano make.

  • try fat pack they are cheaper and slightly better stock


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