Correspondence with Property Manager LJ Hooker Belmont WA – Property Inspection

It has been a while since posted about my rental property and management by Property Manager LJ Hooker Belmont WA, mainly because I became complacent with the service which seemed to work.

Recently I received my quarterly routine inspection report which I thought was worthy of sharing.

“the home was presented in an average condition and is being maintained to a fair standard.”

Let’s see what a fair standard constitutes;

Exterior Front

Mulched area and driveway, weeds need spraying. Garden needs mowing Windows need a clean.

Exterior Back

All gardens need a mow. Weeds between paving need spraying. Broken pallets and general junk need removing.

Family Room

Generally clean

Dining Room

Tiles need a clean. Lampshade is broken.


Cupboards, stove, tiles and exhaust fan all need a clean


Tiles need cleaning

Bedroom 1

Walls need a clean. Fan missing the light shade.

Bedroom 2

Windows need cleaning

Bedroom 3

Fan needs cleaning. Blutack to be removed from the wall


Shower recess needs cleaning. Tiles need scrubbing around toilet. Tap leaking to basin. Towel rail needs to be replaced.


The whole place needs a good tidy up. It is best to do that now before it gets out of hand.

I especially like the last line; “It is best to do that now before it gets out of hand.” You mean it is not out of hand yet?

Multiple items easily breach the tenant agreement and should result in termination.


Correspondence with Property Manager LJ Hooker Belmont WA – The Hidden Charges

I received an email from the L J Hooker Belmont WA Principal / Licensee when I enquired about the monthly Postage and Petties Fees, here is a list of all the items you are charged separately for (not included in the property management fee);

  • Phone calls to yourself and your tenant and to arrange tradesmen for your property,
  • Correspondence posted to yourself and your tenant (things like routine inspection notices, breaches, tenant invoices),
  • Printing and stationery cost,
  • Bank fees charged for the collection of rent and transfer of funds by BankWest, and
  • Access to the internet for use of email.

With all the items listed, I am surprised that LJ Hooker Belmont WA premises water and electricity is not also charged.

Correspondence with Property Manager LJ Hooker Belmont WA – Dogs, Stickers and Powerpoints

In August I receive an email from property manager LJ Hooker Belmont WA;

“The tenant has informed me that the door handle from the passage leading into the lounge & Bedroom 3 can not be opened from inside the passage area and when you are in the Bedroom, this could be a fire hazard. “

As I was back in the country I managed to make an appearance and resolve this myself, I also noticed a number of things I wasn’t happy with.


Firstly, the dogs stated in the tenant agreement were not Chihuahuas, but Staffordshire Bull Terriers (Staffys), I am not sure how you mix up the smallest breed of dog with a medium sized dog, but I assumed they were labelled as Chihuahuas so I was more inclined to be okay with it. When I spoke to LJ Hooker Belmont WA about this, they claimed the dogs must have grown in six weeks, interesting.

The breeds didn’t bother me but I requested the lease to be amended with the correct breed types. LJ Hooker Belmont WA first claimed that since the lease was already signed it couldn’t be amended, okay then, please notify the tenant of a breach in the Residential Tenancy Agreement. A few days later LJ Hooker Belmont WA forwarded me the updated lease.


Secondly, on inspection the tenant had stickers on the walls, I informed LJ Hooker Belmont WA that the tenant was in breach of the Tenancy Agreement. LJ Hooker Belmont WA claimed Blu-Tack was okay, I had to show them the Tenancy Agreement;

“The Tenant shall not make any alterations or additions to the Premises or to alter any fixtures or fittings, furniture or chattels, or place any sign on, or paint the Premises, use Blue Tac or any other adhesive material, or drive any nails for screws into or deface any part of the Premises.”

LJ Hooker Belmont WA then claimed that the courses they were on wasn’t always up to date, I didn’t understand, had they never read a standard REIWA Residential Tenancy Agreement. I never followed up if this was resolved, though the Blu-Tack was never the issues, the issue was the tenant breached the Tenancy Agreement and I was never informed.

“Check the light”

LJ Hooker Belmont WA informs me via email;

“Could you pls let me know when someone can check the light and door locks to the property.”

I know about the door locks, but this was the first mention of a light, let me get this straight, I need to send somebody out, at my expense to “check the light”, no description of the problem, where it is located, what the tenant has tried. I ask for further clarification, LJ Hooker Belmont WA updates me with;

“Just been to the property and it’s the power point in the patio as he has an outside fridge waiting to be connected.”

I arrange for my electrician to visit the property, on return he emails me with;

“pointed out to Tenant that those 3 power points are for lighting only and can’t be used for plugging in a fridge”

So the Tenant unplugged the outdoor lighting, tried to plug in a fridge and then complained that the powerpoint was not working, I wonder why.

Correspondence with Property Manager LJ Hooker Belmont WA – Introduction

I thought I would share my experience with Property Manager LJ Hooker Belmont WA.

I have a 3 bedroom, single bathroom property in Cloverdale WA that’s currently tenanted, initially my in-laws offered to manage the property and it was fine for 6 months with a lovely tenant. Then her contract expired and a new tenant was found, this tenant (April) was a nightmare, stopped paying rent and started making excuses,  I lost about 4 weeks rent, 9 weeks of lost income during vacancy and multiple costs for cleaning the property back to a rentable state.

My in-laws contacted Wendy Smith (from here on LJ Hooker Belmont WA), who was more than happy to takeover the property management and help vacate the bad tenant.

LJ Hooker Belmont WA made first contact with me on 23 May 2011 with the relevant documents to review and sign. The existing non paying tenants were vacated on 17 June 2011.

Attached is the standard REIWA Exclusive management authority for residential premises Schedule, my additions on red, LJ Hooker’s details in black.

REIWA Exclusive management authority for residential premises Schedule

All LJ Hooker’s costs are fairly standard;

  • 9.35% management fee (inclusive of GST)
  • Two weeks rent plus GST Leasing Fee
  • Property Condition Report Fee for 3 bedroom house $110
  • Routine Inspection Report $55
  • Postage and Sundries $8.80 (inclusive of GST) at cost

Next post I will discuss my first property maintenance request and costs.