SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec driver for Windows XP

Looking for the following Windows XP driver; SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec?

This driver goes by the following Vendor ID 8384, Device ID 7661 (ven_8384&dev_7661), used in the Sony Vaio laptop series, particularly the VGN-FE30B.

This driver will also fix the following driver problem Device Cannot Start (Code 10).

SigmaTel Audio Driver v5.10.5067.0

179 thoughts on “SigmaTel High Definition Audio Codec driver for Windows XP

  1. hi I Want to free download this audio driver some people says that this site is very good for this driver

  2. Whosoever gave this info. I can’t mean this enough and I don’t say this very often. God bless you. You have no idea how long I looked for this. You have no idea! May there be a great reward in heaven for you, if at least there is a heaven.

  3. Hey there!It’s an excellent help, i just want to ask you something ’cause my notebook plays the sound in speakers and earphones at the same time, so i’d like to know if there’s something i can do to stop listening speakers when my earphones are connected… And thanks again man!

  4. This also worked for my VGC-RB60G Viao desktop. However, the sound isn’t at full volume but it is better than having no sound at all i guess. Thanks, i have been searching for a bios update but this worked instead.

  5. Thank you !
    My PC is SONY VGN-FE53B pre-installed the Windows VISTA(JPN).
    I tried the down grade to Windows XP(JPN).
    But only the SigmaTel HD Audio driver could not be installed.
    Your driver is very good.

  6. Thank you so so so so so so so much! You’ve made me a happy man!! Its bin a long time and ive hated it. You are my hero! I want to get you a big present! Pretty sure its louder and clearer than before! Thank you again.

  7. I need want to down load sigma tel high definition audio codec, i learnt this is the best site to trace it.

  8. YES, finally! Recently formated my fairly new laptop, and decided to install XP on it. So I’ve been searching for a sound driver for ages! And finally found one who works=) Thanks!

  9. I am an IT technician, had numerous problems with sigmatel, in short it is shit

  10. Alright this is tad bit annoying. Well you see I run last xp (the hackers version of xp/vista) anyways I first installed this driver and it worked like a charm, nearly cried with joy.

    Well after a few weeks I looked to optimize my video to get a game to run a little more effectively and by doing so it jacked up my graphics badly. Now whenever I uninstall the driver and reinstall using this program it never seems to run, keeps giving me that blasted can not start crud. If anyone knows how to get it to work please let mek now asap thank you.

  11. hey…i used this a little while ago and it worked great…but i had to re-install the same windows disk again…everything is the same…except….this time it doesnt work? any ideas?

  12. Okay..when i download it.
    Do i run it or save it??
    If i save it to whaT???
    I so need help!!!

  13. UJ 3602000309 950227AF sigmatel soundcard number my drive is not working help me

  14. YES, finally! Recently formated my fairly new laptop, and decided to install XP on it. So I’ve been searching for a sound driver for ages! And finally found one who works=) Thanks!

  15. hey…i used this a little while ago and it worked great…but i had to re-install the same windows disk again…everything is the same…but you a big diferent thank you

  16. help..
    this thing didn’t help me at all…
    i’ve downloaded it twice..
    but still the same thing appear..
    “no devices”
    help me..

  17. Thanks very much for your information. Now my driver on Sony laptop works well after download.

  18. hi i am happy i found this website. ma problem is tha i ran xp and lack sigmatel high definition driver 5.10.4991.0. help!

  19. hi, i have a “code 10″ problem. i already download the program but it still cannot fix. i think i don’t know how to fix it exactly. so please help me for this x thanks in advance


  21. Dera thdzik,

    Unfortunatly i can’t download from your link.
    When i try to download,Page not found or IE web page be cancel.
    Can you help me pls to download SigmaTel Audio Driver v5.10.5067.0?


  22. Dear thydzik,
    Can you tell me pls the size of this file? I found a site that allows upload .exe files from url on other site. After I uploaded it, the file size was 4.97 MB. Is it correct size?

    Thanks again for your reply,

  23. why everybody has a one problem, that the sigmatel driver audio doesn’t work! i often met this problem.
    thx for the software.

  24. sorry could not install as not valid to Win32 application..

    any help on this.

    i am using winxp

  25. Hello, i have thge VGN-FZ15T downgraded from Vista to XP, i’ve been having the same issue with the other guys up above not being able to get the audio to function. i’ve tryied uninstalling the other drivers and installing the one you’ve provided up above but did not have any luck, would you by any chance have other drivers that might work for my model of laptop?

  26. hello this sigmatel audio driver is very difficult to download from net. that’s why iam not satisfied with sigmatel high defination Audio

  27. Thanks for the help. It was driving me crazy the fact that I couldn’t have sound in XP in my FE41E. Thnaks again

  28. I tried this with high hopes, but still no audio. Have been troubleshooting for 3 days now… had to have my hard drive replaced and reinstall all my programs. Everything works now but the audio. Desperate for suggestions. Thanks!

  29. Got the msg that the device isn’t present. The original OS was Vista & the vendor, eMachines provides a only Vista driver for SigmaTel for this model, no other options. It’s a model 3611 P4. Have everything working with XP but audio. Ideas??

  30. Thank you very much. This solved the conflict my compuuter reported, i hope it will last. Now my sound is working when making sound test in different programs.

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ5NN/C

  31. SigmaTel Audio Driver v5.10.5067.0 works for Sony Vaio VGN-AR41L when downgrading to Windows XP, but earphones now produces a weird bug (sound comes off speakers AND earphones even when plugged in).

    But anyway that’s the only driver I find working so thank’s a lot !

  32. Hey all, I have a real hard question, lets see if anyone out there can answer this one. I am an entertainer, I use my new Dell 1525 laptop for some of my music. However I have a Sigma tel High Definition sound card, but I have no bass adjustments. According to Microsoft, and Sigma Tel It should be there but nope not a thing, and it makes my music sound a little tinny without bass, I have tried 7 different Sigma Tell audio drivers and still nothing. Am I doing something stupid, and just not getting it???? Any help will be appreciated.

  33. Thanks very much this was a great help as I had suddenly a problem and now thanks to you it is solved.
    You’re a great guy.

  34. Thank you so much man, trying to find drivers is such a poopshoot this was the only place that didn’t try to get me to buy a ton of crap

  35. Audio driver worked as advertised on Sony Vaio VGN-AR21M with sigmatel hd audio chipset. Operating system Windows XP MCE with service pack 3 installed (install SP3 and Intel chipset drivers first).

  36. zizcu almeida :

    fantastico!… eu como tecnico em infor, poucas vezes encontei um site tão
    competent, continuem assim, competentes, presciso e eficaz.

  37. I have Sony VAIO Laptop with motherboard VGN-SZ434,i have installed almost all the drivers except audio, it doesn’t work i have tried to instal many drivers but all the time result same, can anyone help me to sort this issue out? i will be thankful for him…

  38. thank you very much brother..
    i get driver my sony vaio fe30b from you..
    this very good…

    thank you .. :*

  39. I am glad that you found my post helpful. Please consider sharing it with others who might need it.

  40. Worked on Sony VGC-LT15E

    VISTA to Windows XP downgrade. I tried so many drivers but this one worked perfect :) Thax!

  41. thank you so much this driver also work on my downgrade laptop vaio vgn-sz58gn/c from vista to xp.So long i try to figure it out but finally when get this driver i was so happy ^0^.

  42. Hey,

    Thanks man this worked on VGN-fZ25GN model of Sony Vaio,

    Great relief i got with this after trying so many ………

  43. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! =) mine was a downgrade from Vista to XP too!!! worked!!

  44. Thank you very much for the rare and accurate information regarding Sony Laptop Audio drivers. This helped me to setup correct audio driver for my brothers laptop (Sony VAIO VGN-SZ5VRN/X).

  45. Hey, thanks so much. I had such a hard time finding the correct driver for this older model computer my friend had which needed some work done. You really saved my butt! :P

  46. This driver did not work for me on a Dell Latitude D820. However thanks anyway for the post as this may help some of those out there looking for drivers.

  47. Been searching for this for AGES! Thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! xx

  48. Thanks HB. I downed to XP from Vista on a recycled Dell E510 and your link worked. It did not on the original given link by Travis. Dell Support did not provide the driver. You saved my bacon.

  49. Worked perfect on a Sony VGN-FE865E. Thanks for solving a major headache for me!

  50. So greatful for the Dell link. Thank you!!!!!! I had major pc rage but it’s now all diffused. Works a treat!

  51. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH!

    After a Month and a half of searching, this is the driver which managed to get my Sony Vaio VGN-FZ160E working :D

    Thanks for the audio driver/fix/codec for getting them to work on exp.

    (This isn’t spam, I am merely hoping the search engines will lead other users of VGN-FZ160E here in case they’ve downgraded to Windows XP and had Audio problems)

  52. Fantastic! I tried other downloads and nothing worked – this was quick, easy (I’m a novice) and worked first time. I am so, so pleased! Next stop would have been the computer shop which would have cost so much.

  53. The XP driver works on Sony Vaio LM2E
    :-) Thank you so much!!!

  54. te amo wacho pelao!!!!!!!!!!!!     dame un hijo!!!!  FUNCIONANDO PERFECTAMENTE EN EL VGN-FZ150FE

  55. great driver for audio i like that it support all audio jacks
    vinod sharma

  56. Thanks for your no gimmick no extra add ons that I don’t need download it is so hard to find nowadays I had version 5.10.5010.0 on my son vaio windows xp and it took off the code 10 error Thanks again

  57. Thanks! i was looking for this driver for a while without success, appreciate it!, this works on Sony VAIO VGN-FE865E model! Thanks again!

  58. my intel origenel bord sound is sigmatel…..but am install drivers is not properly at……….plz soal this

  59. but diz is not working for my Packard bell easynote skype gn45………..plz help

  60. i downloaded it and installed. but still there is no audio, nor even any new audio kinda thing is shown. when i play audio it says your hardware is not working properly and also code 10 error is still there

  61. Hi Jalwa,

    thanks a lot, you cannot imagine how you helped me.
    thanks. all the best. mm

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