(These are outdated, will update soon)

cabinet pic 1
back shot of the cab
the large transformer is 110v for the arcade monitor, the smaller one to the left was an original 12v transformer used to power the jamma power supply but is now used for powering the 220w sony amp.

cabinet pic 2
back shot looking at the monitors pcb

cabinet pic 3
back shot of cab looking at jpac
the jpac saved a lot of work both in connecting the arcade monitor to the pc, as well as interfacing the joysticks/buttons.

cabinet pic 4
originally the cab had 2 8" speakers, i tried looking at various car stereo shops, but the only ones that existed where pioneer and they cost around $280, so i ended up buying 2 6", 100w, 3-way sony xplods. they where only $130 and matched my red color scheme.

cabinet pic 5
the good old MAME marquee, made of 3 A4 sheets, cost $5.50 at uni to print.

cabinet pic 6
above shot of the control panel, the position of the joysticks and buttons are the same as when i got the cab. in the future i'm wanting to add a track ball above the 1 and 2 player buttons.

cabinet pic 7
back of the door
view of the sony amp, 1 and 2 player credit buttons and the coin mech

cabinet pic 8
coin mech, $35 and was painted black to match the rest of the cab.

cabinet pic 9
actual screen shot of one of my favorite games, bubble bobble.

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