Lazy Load v2 – delay image loading Nivo Slider v3

Nivo Slider is a great image slider which I recently implemented on one of my WordPress blogs, the problem with the current version is all images need to be loaded first prior to running the Nivo Slider JavaScript.

After a bit of searching I found a fork by Lee Powers named Lazy Load, the update was for an older version of Nivo Slider which didn’t support responsive images.

After a bit of copy and pasting I managed to port Lazy Load to the updated Nivo Slider version.

Find the fork on Github.

For an example of Lazy Load v2 with 100 images in a Nivo Slider head over to

4 thoughts on “Lazy Load v2 – delay image loading Nivo Slider v3

  1. My hero! Thank you kind sir. It’s amazing that your version doesn’t rank higher in search results than the previous fork.

  2. Hello Travis, I’ve been searching for this kind of patch for nivo slider. But, how to integrate this Lazy load to nivo slider? i have nivo slider plugin 1.9 for wordpress. please tell me step by step..

    Thank you

  3. This looks promising. However, the navigation does not seem to work (both the bullets and the thumbnails).

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