Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports Driver

Looking for the Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports driver?


Install, then connect your USB device and chose to automatically search for driver.

7 thoughts on “Huge Pine USB to Serial Ports Driver

  1. Thanks for the driver but do you know of one that will not cause XP Pro to blue screen? I’ve tried it on 2 laptops, an HP and Dell, and they both blue screen after a few minutes.

    Terry L

  2. Thank You so much, The Software has gotten from You. Installed Sucessfully. Nice to find Your Website.

  3. Thanks got my adapter working ok on XP.
    Unfortunately it turned out to be a piece of crap and ended up in the bin anyway.

  4. Tried it and it works. Thanks. Needed to replace an old GoldX converter to use my original Palm Pilot with Win7.

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