Copyright Infringement – Pimsleur transcripts (Simon & Schuster)

Seems that Pimsleur doesn’t like me providing transcripts for their Mandarin Chinese 1 Units and have asked for their removal.

Find the Notice of Copyright Infringement below.

So what are some Pimsleur alternatives for learning a language that are more than happy to provide transcripts.

  • Livemocha is a Social Language Learning resource.
  • The world’s number 1 in language learning software, Rosetta Stone is another alternative.
  • Instant Immersion produces a large collection of language learning programs, in the forms of computer software, audio and books.
  • FSI Language Courses is a free alternative with a large number of audio units in the public domain.

There are still plenty of sights that provide Pimsleur transcripts.

And don’t forgot you can freely download any of the Pimsleur audio books online

Update December 2009: I have made the transcripts available for download;

76 thoughts on “Copyright Infringement – Pimsleur transcripts (Simon & Schuster)

  1. Ouch…too bad about the Pimsleur transcripts. Slightly comical though…haha, sorry!

    Here are a few other places to learn a language online.

    Myngle – A marketplace for teachers and students for language learning through their virtual classroom. There’s a lively forum and a library of other resources as well.

    eduFire – like Myngle, but the focus is broader than just language learning. In addition, eduFire offers both 1 on 1 and group classes for up to 100 people. It also has its own forum, and aspects like flashcards and articles.

    The above are good for courses like the resources you listed, but some good supplements are (an awesome flashcard service) and Lang-8 (an excellent journal writing service where native speakers correct your entries and you can correct theirs).

    Good luck!

  2. Debbie,

    Thanks for the links.

    and don’t worry, I think it is comical as well.


  3. Because of this ruling I will NOT now buy the II and III lessons It is impossible to learn completely without a transcript.
    I will buy a different lessoin from somewhere else that DOES provide transcripts
    Jenny Ho

  4. This is outrageous.

    Pimsleur Mandarin is difficult (and incomplete) enough to be studied without any transcripts. It lacks LOTS of basic grammar explanations and you end up figuring them out most of the time, which I consider a huge defect on itself.

    I certainly wasn’t expecting this… 4 months ago I printed myself all the first Lessons transcripsts. Right now I was gonna look for the next lessons and to my surprise, they’re all gone, I’m not able to find neither Pimsleur 2 or 3 online.

    I can’t believe it… I don’t know . . . I’d love to have them to keep on advancing on Pimsleur.

  5. this really sucks. my real site was deleted by probably because of the same form letter.

    when i get time (whenever that is) i’ll try to recreate the site on awardspace since they’re not in the US.


  6. Guys
    I’m more than happy to share the transcripts i once found but never used, about 290 pages if i recall correctly. I finished Mandarin I and havent gotten far with II due to laziness, I stongly disagree that you need the transcrpts to use/learn with pimsleur.

    I am at present on lesson 9 of unit II and hope to finish III b4 i go to china this december. I will find the pdf file and will share with anyone that wants it – Debbie says it best.. Its comical.. jeje

    Then again i remember sony doing the same to a lyric of a song in an indian movie….. Wouldnt logic suggest if you learn the lyrics = become more fond of the song? Same for pimsleur transcripts? Ah well these cooperate pple someone needs to educate them some ;)

    What do i know…? Anyways I strongly recommend you try and push yourself to do it, Unit I was really piece of cake especially after lesson 8 but hey different folks different strokes. There is wisdom though in the way they did the program without the transcript. As they claim and I agree, babies learn to speak before they can read or write.

    Xianzai wo keyi shuo yidianr he wo yao qu zhonguo so when i get there, i improve my speaking but learn reading and writing. Goodluck everyone :)

    N.B Will check back weekly leave ur email addresses if u want it…

  7. Lawal,
    If you have them, I’d be happy to receive transcripsts for Pimsleur One.
    Thank you very much
    Jean-Marc, guepard_2001 at

  8. Hi Lawal,

    I just started Pimsleur Mandarin I two weeks ago and got frustrated for the lack of transcripts!

    Please help me!
    max.leopold [att]

  9. Hi Lawal

    If you have them, I’d be happy to receive transcripsts for Pimsleur One.
    Thank you very much

    Find me at bryantaiwan (att)

    Thanks a ton

  10. Please can I also get these transcripts at petenke (at) pisem . net !

    Thanks a lot a lot !!!

  11. A google search for “Pimsleur Mandarin Chinese Companion” might prove fruitful you guys! ;)

  12. Thanks for doing that thydzik!

    I hate for all that work to go to waste! If there’s any updates, I’ll figure out a way to get the word out. ;)

  13. Lawal,
    I agree, babies learn to speak before they can read or write …
    BUT the european languages have NO TONES, so these babies usually don’t hear tones in the essential FIRST 9 MONTHS … and these people have their whole long life problems handling tones as easily and unconscious like native speakers.
    I think, if I don’t hear a spoken tone and don’t remember it from my books, it is bad, to repeat the phrase with *ANY* tone … I prefer to look it up quickly and pronounce the word right.

    I would love all transcripts you got (I, II, III) …
    Thanks for doing that!

    dream_mandarine (at)

  14. Second the, “would love to get more of the Level II transcripts”.

    Thanks for the hosting,


  15. Lawal

    AMAZING to read that someone out there has this very valuable information. If you still have them Lawel please send them my way.

    XIe xie ni Lawal. Ni fei chang hao! Zhen da!

  16. I got all the three levels of Pimsleur Mandarin some time ago and have only just managed to get into level 2 recently as I find it hard without some sort of hard copy. Even Rosetta Stone provides this if you are prepared to print it out. I would really appreciate it if you could forward me a copy of the transcripts of the three levels as Pimsleur is expensive and to provide no hard copy. Brian

  17. oh also sorry, if you could send me all 3, that would be awesome!
    truly appreicate your time and help!~

  18. i would really appreciate if someone could send me all 3 sets of the transcripts.

    thanks a bunch!

  19. I would really appreciate, if someone could send all 3 (especially 2 and 3) transcripts to me. My email is stylestatement123 at gmail dot com


  20. Yes PLEASE the transcripts would be GREAT! Pimsleur Mandarin II and III.

    frank3ders at

    So very much appreciated!


  21. If someone could also send me the transcripts for Pims Mandarin II and III I’d be very grateful.



  22. I think, Pimsleur should provide transcripts, BUT they do not.
    I respect their opinion & rights, so I will not send out anything under Copyright.

    For me it works great using still available pure WORDLISTS (just to be sure, I got the right spelling), so I can make my own transcript fragments while working through the lessons (on paper, no I will not scan that, neither send it anywhere).
    I think, that way the learning effect is even greater: not just repeat or formulate the sentences, but write some of them down and reflect the sound marks …

    Please remove my email address in the other post (15 posts above: dream_mandarine (at) … , thanks!!

  23. LOL! Try to looking for in the google search. You can find Pimsleur Mandarin transcription 1 and 3. All free.
    I donloaded 90 mp3 lessons and transcription.

  24. Hi there!
    I managed some time to download I and II transcript. Without them Pimsleaur Mandarin is useless. Thank you for the effort you have put into it. If you have for III transcript could you pleas share it with me – nad2000 _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com. Thanks.

  25. Please send me a copy of the full transcripts as well please…

    jacobaud {att}

  26. Hi guys, could i have transcripts for all three units pimsleur mandarin please? zcapc64 AT
    thanks a bunch

  27. Hi Lawal, thydzik or anyone,
    May I have a copy of Mandarin transcripts I to III sent to my email please? If the files are still there.

    Thanks a million times over.

    r0bin_ball (at)

  28. Hey,

    May I have a copy of the Mandarin transcripts I to III please? My e-mail is althena123 {at live} .com


  29. Pimsleur is shooting themselves in the foot by doing this. Also, I question whether they would prevail if they went to court on this. Pimsleur is based on conversations and you can’t copyright a conversation. You can copyright a recording of the conversation. And if you did publish the transcripts, you could not indicate overtly that they are Pimsleur transcripts. In any case, the responses here show that there is a demand for transcripts and grammar explanations.

    I’ve created a free hypermedia editor called FLAn (Foreign Language Annotator) at You can create your own materials with the editor. The editor lets you attach information to words or phrases in a foreign language text. Then when the learner clicks on a word, a translation (and/or image, video, audio, grammar explanation) appears. I have some demos in German in the Share Area of Creating learning materials with FLAn is also a good way to learn a language so it’s something the student can do to.

  30. Can you please send me the transcripts for 2 and 3? I really appreciate it.

    Thanking you in advance,

  31. Hey Travis,

    Happy New Year 2012 !

    I’ve searched and can’t find the transcripts. Can you please send me transcripts for 1, 2 and 3. Especially 3.

    Thanks so much, Rich C

  32. Hi there
    I wish also to have the pimsleur transcripts 2 and 3. I am preparing for my trip to China. It would be very apreciated


  33. Travis, I am not asking for anything.  

    I’m just writing to express my appreciation for your hard work for the sake of other people’s happiness.  My God, that’s rare!  

    I hope you’re “blessed” in some way, not that there’s some cosmic tit-for-tat, but you deserve good things.  

    Good luck, man.

    – Remguy

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  35. could someone please email me the pimsleur mandarin transcripts for II and III???? my email is:
    gilshoham45@hotmail:disqus .com
    thanks, i am preparing for my trip to china and it is 
    really important! thanks! again

  36. If you are willing to send them, I would also appreciate very much the Mandarin transcripts for 2 and 3.  Thanks so much for your help.  Please send them to brums22@gmail:disqus .com.  Thanks again.


  37. Hi, i would love the transcripts for Leve 3.

    [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected], thanks in advance.

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