Firmware for CMS2000 (Phoenixtec) solar invertor upgrade

With CMS in administration it is extremely difficult to find the latest firmware for CMS2000, I managed to find a copy from a Whirlpool forum member.

You can download it below;

CMS2000 Re Flash.rar

Below is an excerpt from the included procedure;

CMS 2000 Parameter Change.

  1. Apply DC supply only to the inverter. The unit will sit in ‘Grid Fault’ mode.

  2. Open Sunville Flash Tool ( or similar)


  3. Click Setting & select your com port

    (if you do not know your com port settings. Contact your IT provider)


  4. Click OK

  5. Click ‘load -> Open’ or click the folder icon to select the varied firmware version.


  6. Select the file SV4KA.mot file


  7. Click OK

  8. Click ‘flash’. If the correct coms port is selected the CMS 2000 will display FLASH. This process will take approx 2mins.

  9. Once the firmware is updated, you will get the following message, Click ‘OK’


  10. Close the Flash Tool and open CMS ProControl. Select and enable the corresponding com port. (if you do not know your com port settings. Contact your IT provider)



  11. The serial number on the inverter will display.


  12. Left click once to select the inverter. The bar at the top will go black.


  13. Right click once and select parameter.


  14. Password is: administrator

    The parameters will then be displayed.


  15. Change the Vac-Max (V) to 270 volts, the highest permissible as per AS4777. Click Setting.

  16. Once your settings have changed. You will see the below message. Click OK


  17. Disconnect the DC supply and allow the inverter to power down. Once discharged, turn on the DC and AC supply and connect to the grid. The current settings can be seen by double-clicking on the serial number in CMS ProControl.


  18. Process Complete.

Model Parameters Error

Occasionally we have had the following error. If this occurs, you will not be able to change the parameter settings.


If this occurs, you can download the updated file from.

Once this has been downloaded, you will need to extract the downloaded ModelParameter.txt file

& place it in c:\programfiles(x86)\CMS Pro Control & replace the existing file. Reopen CMS Pro Control & you should not see the error message.

DIN rail single phase two wire energy meter Lanx Australis LXEM180 manual

Here is the closest replication manual for the Lanx Australis LXEM180, which is available from Schnap

The manual is another rebadged version, operation is exactly the same.

DIN rail single phase two wire energy meter LXEM180-PRO2DM.pdf


Monitor CMS2000 inverter via TCP/IP with USR-TCP232-E4 RS232/IP convertor

After months of waiting on hardware to arrive and playing around with different configurations, I have finally got my CMS2000 inverter to work through TCP/IP with POE.

RS232 to USB converter

The CMS2000 is a 2kW inverter with an RS232 connection for communications. If you simply want to view the data locally via a laptop, you will need a RS232 to USB adapter, specifically the Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port. Have a look at my review of RS232 to USB adapters for more info on the suitability of the converter.

RS232 to TCP/IP converter

Now, if you would rather run Ethernet to from the inverter and being able to read the values from any computer in your LAN, it is a little more complicated, but here is how.

The first thing you will need is a RS232 to TCP/IP converter, these can be purchased on eBay for about $25. Make sure you don’t simply get a serial to RJ45 cable, which are commonly used to configure managed switches. The model I received was the USR-TCP232-E45 by Jinan USR IOT Company China. The unit requires 5V power which I will discuss later.

The manual can be a little confusing, there is a test you can do if you have a com port or RS232 to USB adapter, where you basically create a loop and confirm it is all working. To get it talking to the CMS2000, configure the parameters of Port 0 (the RS232 port) as below. The main thing is to set it in TCP Server model. Configure the IP address and subnet as appropriate for your LAN.


The RS232 to TCP/IP converter takes 5V DC, now you can run a separate 5V line to the inverter which isn’t ideal or use a passive injector to inject 5V into the line and split it out at the inverter, this is not IEEE 802.3af compliant though.   If your switch supports PoE you can split the power out directly at the inverter with a TP-LINK PoE splitter model TL-POE10R. This can be purchased for $14, and even includes the power and Ethernet cables needed to connect to the USR-TCP232-E45.


To check the communications the CMS software ProControl can be used to check the communications prior to use with PVBeanCounter. Now, for some reason ProControl can’t connect directly via IP to the USR-TCP232-E45, fortunately I found a free virtual comm port software, which emulates a serial port connected to an IP address, the software is called VSP3 – Virtual Serial Port, developed by the HW group. Fairly easy to configure as below.

Final product

Tool to remove VGA/DVI mounting screws – 5mm Hex socket

I was salvaging a number of motherboards from a server and noticed that the VGA mounting screws were connected to the chassis. Done with time-consuming pliers I decided to investigate if there was a special tool to remove these screws.
There isn’t, but a standard 5mm hex socket driver works perfectly.

Find it on eBay for a few dollars (including shipping).

Tool to remove VGA/DVI mounting screws - 5mm Hex socket
Tool to remove VGA/DVI mounting screws - 5mm Hex socket

Family Day, Doha Qatar

Family Day in Doha, Qatar is a common occurrence on Fridays (the weekend), were main shopping centres refuse entry to single males without family. There is quite obvious discrimination with south-east Asian and Indian males being always refused entry, whilst local and western men are not hassled when they enter.

I propose the following solution;
Family Day, Doha, Qatar

Australian Securities Exchange – Shares with highest dividend yields

I was interested in getting a list of Australian shares which pay the highest dividend yields, that is the highest dividend over share price. Google Finance already displays the dividend yield value so it was only a matter of collecting all the data and displaying it in a neat table. While I was collecting the dividend yield data I decided I may as well collect all the other company data.

The ASX provides a listing of Officially Listed Companies, this was imported on 25th October 2012 and will remain static.

The rest of the company data is updated daily.

To find the highest values simply click the column heading to sort the data.

Here is the top 10 of dividend yields;

Company Code Yield

ASX stocks with highest dividend yield

Qatar Symphony 2011 – Hear the unexpected

The First Movement: The Beginning

The first movement covers the first phase of the story of Qatar, the history, traditions and challenges of a nation. It includes the hardships faced by early generations and their struggle to survive and communicate.

The ambience of this movement describes the difficulties, hopes and ambitions of life in the desert. The orchestra escalates in a group dialog and interaction that calms only to prepare for the entrance of the folkloric melody “Bacher El Eid”. The melody fades in and implies the relationship between childhood as a symbol of the beginning and the founding of a nation and its people. The folkloric melody begins to experience different rhythmic, melodic and harmonic variations, expressing the difficulty and suffering, hence “the beginning” being built on.

The First Movement - The Beginning

The Second Movement: The Dream

The second movement reflects the marine environment, starting with a poetic melody to describe the preparations for the journey of “Um Al Hanaya”, the traditional pearl diving boat. The beginning of the movement portrays the people’s feelings as they stand on the shore, waiting to bid farewell to their loved ones before embarking on a journey into the unknown filled with dangers and hardship. The movement is inspired by the folkloric song also called “Um Al Hanaya” that reflects the spirit of excitement and hope as the boats leaves shore, as well as the joy and happiness when it returns home safely. In between these periods, the music expresses the dreams and ambitions of the people and their endurance and commitment to achieve the life they aspire to.

The Second Movement - The Dream

The Third Movement: The Challenge and Achievement

The third movement expresses the overall development that Qatar is currently witnessing in the domains of construction, engineering, technology, sports, culture and education. This movement is vivid, quick and modern. Traditional local rhythms are embedded in this movement, which creates a feeling of celebration and joy in a nation that is proudly building and working towards their ultimate goal. This reflects the work and effort put in as a response to the challenge of building.

The Third Movement - The Challenge and Achievement

The Fourth Movement: The Future

The final movement reflects the importance of heritage as a primary pillar in the successful development of a nation. A beautiful romantic representation, this movement carefully portrays selected melodies and compositions inspired by a traditional, folkloric art called “Al Tarramul”. The orchestra simulates the narrator or the poet as he sings with pride of his nation’s heritage and tradition. The movement represents how Qatar embraced its authenticity and heritage and cherishes these elements in its journey to the future.

The Fourth Movement - The Future

Download here;
The First Movement: The Beginning (103mb)
The Second Movement: The Dream (44mb)
The Third Movement: The Challenge and Achievement (39mb)
The Fourth Movement: The Future (69mb)